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Chengdu Daily News - 2014 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week Opening Tonight


Musicians from five continents comes together in Chengdu

Jackson Wells, the country/rock singer from Tennessee, USA, has been performing at Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week for three years. He shared that: “The Music Week provides great opportunities for young musicians to share their talents and culture and build deep friendships. Jackson likes the atmosphere of the Music Week, “The enthusiasm of the audience in Chengdu not only brought me the desire of performing and inspiration of writing new songs, but also enriched my experience on stage. Jackson Wells’s Chinese teacher gave him a very classic Chinese name: “Jiashen Wei”, he wrote a Chinese song “Getting closer”, Tonight at the opening ceremony, he will sing this song. Besides, there are “Nevergone" "Lovesick" and other original songs.