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Summer in China Tour

Fresh back from two concerts in China in May, one hosted by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for several thousand concertgoers, and the other at Xichong Technical College for 4,000 great fans Jackson and his band from Nashville are about to start a ten-city tour of China. The tour is in cooperation with Juooo music management, and will start after the singer/songwriter performs four concerts at the Chengdu Music festival. Jackson is known for his unique style and his ability to perform in both English and Mandarin.

Tickets are available from the concert venues, and online from for the following dates:

ChengduJuly 29The Little Bar in Chengdu
ChongqingJuly 30Chongqing Jianguo Club
KunmingJuly 31Camel Bar
GuangzhouAugust 1Guangzhou TU Convex
ShenzhenAugust 2Nanshan Poly Orange Theatre
SuzhouAugust 5Wave Live House
ShanghaiAugust 6Mao Live House Shanghai
NanjingAugust 7Zebra Live House
ChangzhouAugust 8Maze Live House
BeijingAugust 9Foolish Old Man Club