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Haining TV Review of Earth Day Celebrations

I Can't Believe This: A Famous American Singer Is in Haining! Handsome and Attractive!

Haining TV Station, WeChat Official Page, March 26, 2017

Will you be jealous if I tell you I went to see a very handsome American guy last weekend? He has blonde hair, long legs, and is able to play guitar and sing songs. Will you be jealous if I tell you that this handsome and attractive guy's songs have over 1.8 million views on Youtube?

Yes, I went to a very special concert, which was hosted by Langham Place Hotel. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am very excited to share with you about this event!

The leading role of this event was Jackson Wells. Do you remember last year, when the school year just started, we heard there was an American singer who had come to Haining for school? Yes, he is the guy we are talking about. He has beautiful blonde hair and deep blue eyes…… Girls scream from the bottom of their hearts when they see him.

If it was only his appearance he had going for him, I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to him. But he is a professional musician with beautiful vocals!

Here is an introduction to Jackson from Baidu Encyclopedia:

Jackson Wells is a singer/songwriter, New York City born, and currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is already a national YouTube sensation with 3 music videos garnering over 1.8 million views internationally. Jackson has sold out sets all the way from LA's House of Blues, Universal Studios CityWalk, to the famed Bluebird Cafe. Jackson was the featured artist at the Nashville's NHL Predators game in March of 2014, playing to 16,729 attendees.

Jackson began writing songs at the age of 14 and released his self-titled EP in December 2010. He released a single, Lovesick, in November 2011. His next EP, entitled Inescapable, was released in January 2013. Wells' first full-length album, Picture of Life, was a collaboration with Grammy-award winning producer Bill Cuomo and Beeb Birtles, founding member of Little River Band, and was released in January 2014 on his on the Foxhedge Music label. The CD release party for Picture of Life was at Puckett's Grocery in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. He sings and plays both acoustic and electric guitar during his live performances.

Prior to the performance, I finished my dinner quickly and got ready to look for Jackson Wells. However, it seemed a little too early, so I decided to walk around. Actually, this is not just a concert, but an environmental protection event hosted by the Langham. It's called the "Earth Hour" event. They invited Jackson, as well as children from HuaMaidi, to perform. To work with the theme of this event, Jackson didn't use electric instruments. The HuaMaidi clothes modeled by the child models were all constructed using recycled materials.

Before the event started, the Langham provided the audience with dessert, fruit and drinks. Everything was beautiful and tasty!

Fans came in, one after another. They sampled the desserts and waited for the show to start. The children were scheduled to perform later in the show, so the desserts provided enough energy for them to walk on the stage to share their fashion creations. Some children were very smart. They got some food and then found seats in front of the stage, where they waited for the show to start.

The show finally started! The audience lights were dimmed, and the seats were filled to capacity with fans. First, the manager of the Langham greeted everyone and welcomed them to the "Earth Hour" event. Langham has been working on protecting the environment in many ways, besides providing people delicious food and good service.

After the greeting, the performance officially started. Jackson came on the stage with his band, including guitarist Mike and drummer Phil. Finally, I could see him close by. I was very excited and couldn't stop taking pictures of him. He is really handsome and he is super tall! Not only is Jackson good looking, but so are Mike and Phil, especially Phil, the drummer. He was very cool as he made the strong beating rhythm.

Jackson sang several songs showcasing different musical styles. Some of them were lively, some of them were peaceful. Most of his songs were written by him. I enjoyed them so much! There were many fans in front of the stage, waving their light sticks as they followed along to the rhythm. At the end of every song, screams and applause could be heard.

After Jackson, the child models were ready to take the stage. First came a cute boy who was a great dancer. He danced while wearing a cardboard suit. Then all the other child models came onto the stage, one after another. Although they were still young children, they modeled like very professional adults. Their eco-friendly outfits were eye-catching.

After the fashion performance, there were drawings. I was lucky enough to be the winner of a Porsche model car, plus a multifunction charger. This trip was so worth it!

When everybody thought the event had come to the end, surprisingly, Jackson came back to the stage! He sang several other songs. When he started to sing the famous song "Country Roads", the audience was very excited. Many of them started to sing along with him.

I was so lucky to join this event. Don't be too disappointed if you missed it though. Langham Place often hosts these kind of events. You never know who the next performer will be!