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Charity Concert in Chengdu

Jackson performed for a full house at Chengdu hotspot Wutong on Thursday night. He had the honor of presenting a check to the Love Saves Pneumoconiosis foundation. They do tremendous work in China for the children of affected families. Click here to check it out!

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"Love" Across the Ocean

2016-07-30 Division Xinhui Green Reporter

A pair of dark blue eyes, blond hair like wheat fields, on July 28 amidst the mad passion that makes the summer...rock prince from the US, music star Jackson Wells and his band, presented a unique visual and auditory feast!

Jackson Wells

Live Concert

Jackson Wells is an avid supporter of environmental causes, and in 2014 he joined the "Low-Carbon China" Arnold Schwarzenegger tour. He was recently invited by the Chengdu Municipal Government Foreign Affairs Office to participate in Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week, performing as the image of the US special envoy, actively promoting Sino-US cultural exchanges. With all of the public interest that has been generated, Chengdu producers have announced a proposal for a Sino-US joint venture film entilted "Lost in Chengdu". Jackson's local performances will aid in the advertisement and promotion, and will also help pave the way for the establishment of a sister city friendship between his hometown of Franklin, Tennessee and the City of Chenghua.

Jackson Wells loves China, and is actively learning Chinese at a university here in China. He is concerned about the public! One example is that when he learned the way that family status is affected when a parent is a victim of pneumoconiosis, he decided to dedicate himself to a charity that has a love for Sichuan. They promote "love the work area" and "clean dust", hoping to eliminate the pneuomoconiosis. The Chengdu Institute of Science and Technology News has a pneumoconiosis charity project, and Jackson donated 5,000 yuan to the charity donated by a local entity, plus 1,000 yuan that fans paid to take home a CD from a charity performance. The 6,000 yuan donation will be matched entirely by Tencent!

"Love Without Borders," love from across the ocean! Let us work together for occupational pneumoconiosis prevention and treatment of dedication to this condition!